Swing Trader Signals User Guide

Minneapolis Market Research Institute is proud to present the following resource: Swing Trader Signals! These signals are designed to accommodate a variety of trading styles.

In general, it is reasonable to assume that these signals are suitable for traders looking to setups trades with risk in the 25-125 pip range using Support and Resistance Price Levels derived from Technical Analysis conducted on charts having a resolution no finer than 30 minute consolidation and no larger than 1440 minute consolidation.

Setups are generally found no more than 25-75 pips to either side of the entry price quoted in the signal; further, the signals do not necessarily account for short-term fundamental, sentimental or headline-driven risks and traders should account for any such risk using their own, independent routines.

These Swing Trader Signals are derived from one of Minneapolis Market Research Institutes Proprietary Algorithms. The Development Team at MMRI appreciates all Feedback regarding the use and trading results related to these signals! Like all of MMRI’s Proprietary Research and Resources, all interaction with or use of these Swing Trader Signals is regulated by all relevant Terms and Conditions.