(TEST) MMRI Limited Time Research Offering for Tuesday, September 18th

Minneapolis Market Research Institute present the following Limited Research Offering: Daily Setups and Entry Price Levels for Swing Traders. All Limited Research Offerings are generated using MMRI’s Proprietary Algorithms and are intended for use in research only. All Terms, Conditions and Agreements Apply.

This particular Update is NOT calculated at the normal time and has been pushed only for the purpose of helping the Developers bring this product to market so that is ready by tomorrow. There may, and like will, be a lack of congruence between calculations presented here and those offered hereafter. We hope that you will enjoy this Limited Time Research Offering and plan on bringing it our Users for the remainder of 2018!

Precise Calculation Time: 2018.09.18 00:32

AUDCHF: Sell Setup (wave value -6.28) around 0.6925
CADCHF: Sell Setup (wave value -6.90) around 0.7425
CHFJPY: Buy Setup (wave value 7.45) around 115.75
EURJPY: Buy Setup (wave value 4.41) around 130.00
GBPAUD: Buy Setup (wave value 5.03) around 1.8250
GBPCAD: Buy Setup (wave value 5.66) around 1.7075
GBPJPY: Buy Setup (wave value 6.21) around 146.75
GBPNZD: Buy Setup (wave value 4.62) around 1.9925
GBPUSD: Buy Setup (wave value 4.93) around 1.3075
NZDCHF: Sell Setup (wave value -5.86) around 0.6425
USDCHF: Sell Setup (wave value -6.17) around 0.9675

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